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Christmas is one of the main festivals celebrated by locals around the world. Everyone enjoys a cultural vacation that day. All governmental and non-governmental organizations such as schools, colleges, offices and other institutions remain closed on this occasion. People celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and many preparations and decorations.

It is celebrated every year on December 25. It is also known as the Feast of Christ and is celebrated in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. People visit the church and offer prayers to the Lord on this day. Christmas is a day of great meaning and joy for the Christian community.

Christmas is a great holiday of the year and is also known as “Christ’s Day”. On December 25, Christmas Day is celebrated every year. It is particularly celebrated by Christians with enthusiasm and joy. It is the birthday of the great Jesus Christ, which Christian believers consider as the Son of God. It is a cultural festival that benefits everyone. This is the day of great importance for Christians. People make many preparations long before the festival and decorate their houses with lights, decorative objects and flowers.

The Christmas celebration begins approximately four weeks before Christmas Day and ends on Christmas Day 12. It is celebrated worldwide as a religious and traditional holiday. The tradition of celebrating Christmas varies from region to region. People are distributing gifts, Christmas cards, celebrating parties, singing songs and songs this time.

Christmas is a very important holiday, especially for Christians, but it is also celebrated by people from other religions around the world. It is an ancient festival that is celebrated for years in winter. He falls every year on December 25. It is celebrated on the birthday of Jesus Christ.

There is an old tradition that Santa offers gifts to all children after dark. It is believed that Santa Claus comes to all the houses at night and offers gifts to children. The children wait impatiently for Santa to fulfill his wish. They also write their vote, keep their socks and hang them in the hope that Santa Claus will realize his wish.

There is also the tradition of offering gifts such as candy, chocolates, greeting cards, Christmas trees, decorative items, etc. to family, friends, relatives and neighbors. People start Christmas preparations well in advance with great enthusiasm and joy.


Everyone enjoys Christmas holidays to sing, dance, have fun and get together. People celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with great faith and joy. People sometimes give gifts to spread happiness because Christmas is also called the Feast of Happiness.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world, especially by people who follow Christianity. It is celebrated every year on December 25 to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. People celebrate Christmas with much joy, enthusiasm and happiness. It is one of the most important annual festivals of Christianity. Preparations for the celebration begin a month ago and end 12 days after Christmas.

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On this day, people decorate a Christmas tree, invite their friends, family and neighbors to parties and distribute gifts. It is believed that Santa Claus arrives that day and keeps secret gifts for the most obedient child in the family. Parents also keep gifts for their children at night and children are happy